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The Power of Blood

Blood Transfusions Directly Combat Sickle Cell Anemia Flowing through our veins every day at a blist[read more...]

Helping Others in More Ways Than One: Phlebotomy

Los Angeles Phlebotomy Training One of the most rewarding career choices one can make is to select [read more...]

Basic Phlebotomy FAQs

What is a phlebotomist? A phlebotomist is an individual who is trained and qualified to draw and [read more...]

Fun Facts About Blood

Blood is the red liquid that circulates through our veins and arteries and carries oxygen to and c[read more...]

FDA Considers Allowing Blood Donations from Gay Men

Since the early 1980’s, men who have have sex with another man at any time since 1977 have been bann[read more...]

Why Are There Different Types of Blood?

Although we all have blood flowing through our bodies, not all blood is alike. The cause for this is[read more...]

Tips for Making a Blood Draw Easier

Whether you’re a patient afraid of needles or a phlebotomist looking for some tips to share with you[read more...]

Reasons to Work in Healthcare

It’s no secret healthcare is evolving. There are many advantages to working in the healthcare sector[read more...]

Phlebotomist Basics

Phlebotomy is the process of making an incision in a vein with a needle. The procedure is known as a[read more...]

phlebotomy training victorville

Almost 2000 years ago people were practicing something called “bloodletting.” While today we draw sm[read more...]
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