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Helping Others in More Ways Than One: Phlebotomy

March 11, 2015 11:42 pm Published by Leave your thoughts


Los Angeles Phlebotomy Training

One of the most rewarding career choices one can make is to select a career that you actually are excited to go to every single day. Too many young people today choose what sounds the most exciting, or that will make them the most money, but not enough are deciding on a career that they actually enjoy doing. Phlebotomy allows you to work with others, and help them, in multiple facets. First and foremost you are improving the health of the patient you draw from blood. Blood that is drawn is tested for disease, and iron levels are monitored as well. Plus, the blood that is drawn has to be created again in the patient, so the blood draw acts as a flushing out of the patient’s system for new blood.

Phlebotomy Training in southern California

But your work does more than that! Your work as a phlebotomist is saving the lives of up to three other people that need blood for transfusions or surgery. It truly is a job that gives back to others as it gives to you. If you are interested in adding a Phlebotomy certification to your name, visit the AUMT Institute today!

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